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PicoWay® for tattoo removal

Ready to part ways with that spur-of-the-moment tattoo from spring break 2010? You’re in luck. These days, laser technology makes it easier than ever to say goodbye to regrettable ink and hello to tattoo-free skin or a fresh canvas for your next design.

What was once an excruciating process involving dermabrasion, Trichloroacetic Acid application, or surgery and skin grafts is now a straight-forward, relatively painless procedure thanks to PicoWay®, a  state-of-the-art laser technology designed just for tattoo removal.

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What can PicoWay® do for you?

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Picoway tattoo removal treatment removing heart shaped tattoo
Picoway Tattoo removal treatments offered by Dr. Kuzel

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How PicoWay® works

PicoWay® has revolutionized tattoo removal by making the process both comfortable and effective. Unlike other tattoo removal treatments, PicoWay's state-of-the-art laser operates in a trillionth of a second. The ultra-short pulses remove even the most stubborn tattoos while leaving the skin layer intact, so you feel less pain but more ink is removed.

PicoWay® is a powerful pigment-targeted laser with three separate wavelengths targeting different colour ink. Using short laser pulses, PicoWay® laser shatters the tattoo ink into smaller particles that the body can absorb and then expel.

As an added benefit, PicoWay® treatments also stimulate collagen, improving treatment effectiveness and minimizing damage to the surrounding skin.

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What to expect from your treatment

First, the tattoo area will be numbed using a topical anesthetic. Once you’re ready, we’ll trace your tattoo using the PicoWay® handpiece.

Typically, sessions last just a few minutes at a time. Generally, the size of the tattoo will determine the duration of the session. You may require several sessions depending on tattoo size, colouration and placement. Appointments should be scheduled about three months apart.

PicoWay® is much more comfortable than most laser tattoo removal options, but you will experience some discomfort during the procedure. Discomfort is often likened to a slight sunburn, and most patients say that tattoo removal with PicoWay® is less painful than actually getting the tattoo.

Our team will provide aftercare information following your procedure.

How to prepare for your treatment

Avoid sun exposure, tanning, and sunless tanning products for at least two weeks before your PicoWay® treatment. The area to be treated should be free of any lotion, makeup, or sunscreen. Avoid waxing and chemical depilatories for two weeks before the treatment. Be sure to discuss any ongoing prescriptions or changes in your medical history with Dr. Kuzel before booking an appointment.


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