Female client showing positive results of Dr. Paul Kuzel's dermatology treatments

confidence shows

“I love coming here. Even if it's for nothing crazy, it's a great experience. The girls sit me down and ask me if I want something to drink and eat and give me this full experience. So even though I may not be getting anything glamorous done, for me, it feels glamorous.” Karin S.

Karin’s story

When you have “a ton of moles” on your skin, visits to the dermatologist are just part of your regular healthcare routine. It’s nerve-wracking to wonder if they’re changing or getting worse. “I don’t want skin cancer,” she says. “That’s my number one thing.”

That’s why Karin appreciates the conscientious, capable dermatology care she gets from Dr. Kuzel. “He’s always on the case, you know? ‘Let’s check this one, let’s get rid of that one.’ So when he says I’m good, I can relax because I’m confident it’s okay.”

That confidence isn’t the only thing that puts Karin at ease. She says the spa-like atmosphere at the Rejuvenation clinic helps her to relax and unwind after a hectic day. “The clinic is so beautiful. You feel, well…pampered. And like I said, they take you back and offer you food and drink while you're waiting. They’ve got the fireplace going, and soft music playing, and you can just relax.”

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Aesthetic treatments

  • Mole and lesion removal: Mole exam / removal
  • Laser treatment: Injury repair
  • Facials

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Tasteful, natural and rejuvenated. It’s what you can expect from aesthetic treatments by Dr. Kuzel. The results speak for themselves.

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