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“Now my hip dips are all filled out... I highly recommend this procedure. Dr. Kuzel is a perfectionist. You will not be disappointed.” morgan M.

Morgan’s story

Squats, hip thrusts, lunges… for eight years or so, Morgan has been an expert at them. In her quest to fill out the indents in her hips that she called ‘hip dips,’ Morgan logged countless hours in the gym. When those hip dips didn’t respond to muscle development and hard work, Morgan thought she’d have to resort to a more dramatic tactic to get rid of them.

“I considered getting a Brazillian Butt Lift,” she says. Ultimately, she decided she didn’t want to endure the surgery, anesthesia and risk involved to achieve the results she wanted. “I steered away from that because I’ve had a breast augmentation and it was a really long healing process,” says Morgan. “(It) was pretty excruciating.”

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Fortunately, Morgan heard about a procedure that could tackle her hip dips without the risk or downtime. Called a non-surgical butt lift, the procedure works on the sample principle as facial dermal fillers: it adds shape and mass to your booty through the injection of hyaluronic acid filler. There’s no need for surgery, no downtime and best of all, the results are instantaneous.

“Now my hip dips are all filled out,” says Morgan. It’s an experience she recommends to anyone who wants to feel better about their booty. “I highly recommend this procedure. Dr. Kuzel is a perfectionist. You will not be disappointed.”

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