Female client showing positive results of Dr. Paul Kuzel's dermatology treatments

confidence shows

“It’s so easy to make time for everybody else when you have a family. I had a Botox® treatment last week, the first one in years…  After I had the treatment, I thought, why did I stop doing this? I love what this does. I just feel great.” Lonnie

Dr. Kuzel's mother and daughter dermatology clients showing positive results of treatment

Lonnie’s story

When you’re a mom with a busy family, making time for yourself can be hard. “Life is pretty hectic. I probably wouldn’t have made time to come if it was just me,” says Lonnie.

Fortunately, it isn’t just her. Lonnie’s mom Corinne doesn’t like to drive the highway, so she asks Lonnie to take her to appointments at Dr. Kuzel’s clinic. “I was going there anyway, so I figured I might as well start getting treatments too.” The results of these treatment days together have been much more than skin-deep.

“This has become our time – our mother-daughter time and our self-care time. Because it’s nice coming here and we always have a good time when we come. We're doing something that we're both interested in, something that makes us feel really good.”

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Aesthetic treatments

  • Body contouring: CoolSculpting®
  • Wrinkles and lines: C02 fractional laser / Botox®
  • Mole / lesion removal: Mole removal

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Tasteful, natural and rejuvenated. It’s what you can expect from aesthetic treatments by Dr. Kuzel. The results speak for themselves.

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