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Studies show that one-third of women are affected by pelvic floor dysfunction, which includes symptoms like vaginal laxity and stress urinary incontinence. They’re symptoms that can be uncomfortable, upsetting and downright embarrassing, so it’s little wonder that the clinical success of Fotona vaginal laser treatment has been met with such excitement.

Today, Fotona vaginal rejuvenation treatments are a Health Canada-approved, safe, non-surgical way to treat vaginal health issues associated with aging or childbirth.

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What can Fotana lasers do for you?

  • treat vaginal laxity
  • reduce urinary incontinence
  • reduced vaginal dryness
  • increase vaginal sensation
Fotona vaginal rejuvenation laser treatment offered by Dr. Kuzel
Fotona vaginal rejuvenation treatments offered by Dr. Kuzel

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How Fotana vaginal rejuvenation treatments work

Fontana vaginal laser treatments are based on a specially engineered, non-ablative erbium laser mode (Fotona SMOOTH®). They deliver laser pulses to the surface of the vagina and vulva, which stimulates the formation of new collagen and strengthens the tissue of the vaginal walls over time.

This results in better support for the bladder and improved urethral control, which reduces leakage. The process also improves circulation, which has potential benefits for sensation and sexual health. The collagen and elastin fibers produced through this process can tighten vaginal walls while the improved blood flow promotes healthy mucosal skin and lubrication.

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What to expect from your treatment

Fotona vaginal rejuvenation treatments are relatively quick and comfortable. To begin, a Rejuv physician will perform a speculum exam to ensure you're ready for treatment. Then, a female practitioner will meet with you in a private treatment room to review the process, answer your questions, and then administer treatment.

The Fotona wand has slim, smooth profile designed to fit comfortably within the vaginal canal as it administers laser pulses. Patients describe the sensation as warm, sometimes tingly or itchy, but not painful. Occasionally, patients describe a mild sun burn sensation on their labias following treatment.

The whole session takes about 15 to 30 minutes. When your session is complete, you can resume most activities right away, you'll just need to wait for a week before resuming heavy exercise or sexual activity. And because the treatment is non-surgical, you’ll have no incisions to care for.

Typically, patients experience results starting a few weeks following the treatment, as the body generates new cells and tightens tissue. Circulation is increased, and then cellular changes appear over the following weeks and months. A second and a third session can be done at least 1 month apart and varies from individual to individual.

Are Fotona vaginal rejuvenation treatments right for you?

The Fotona vagina rejuvenation treatment is a safe, clinically proven procedure that’s appropriate for most women. However, it’s not suitable for women who are diabetic, pregnant or are experiencing vaginal bleeding. Other contraindications include vaginal lesions or autoimmune diseases.

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