Female client showing positive results of Dr. Paul Kuzel's dermatology treatments

confidence shows

“My goal is just to maintain and look refreshed. After a treatment… I feel confident, you know – not overdone. And no one's ever asked me if I’d had anything done. Dr. Kuzel is so reserved, it’s always subtle and beautiful.” Karen A.

Karen’s story

For Karen, cosmetic dermatology is all about reserve and trust. It’s something she has in spades with Dr. Kuzel. “You never wonder, ‘what am I going to look like?’ At the end of the day, if you've got that trust, you can just kind of settle in and enjoy yourself.”

One of the things Karen likes about going to Rejuvenation is that everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. “What you notice when you come in here is all the laughter. It's a happy place to be. And Dr. Kuzel is always good at making you feel comfortable.”

Over the years, Karen has trusted Dr. Kuzel, not just with her treatments, but with knowing the best way to achieve the results she’s looking for. “He just looks at you and knows what to do to help you look your best…I totally trust him to make it look natural.”

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Aesthetic treatments

  • Wrinkles and lines: C02 laser resurfacing / Botox®
  • Facial volume and shape: Dermal filler / Lip filler / Collagen stimulators
  • Acne and acne scarring: Radio frequency (RF) microneedling
  • Skin tone and texture: Clear + Brilliant® mini laser

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before & after

Tasteful, natural and rejuvenated. It’s what you can expect from aesthetic treatments by Dr. Kuzel. The results speak for themselves.

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