Technician provides mole removal treatment to female client

mole and lesion removal

Skin lesions and moles are incredibly common – most people will develop some form of these at some point in their lives. Many common skin lesions are completely harmless, but some are not, which is why it’s critical to have an experienced, board-certified dermatologist examine any new, changing, or irregular skin lesions.

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Even if there’s no medical cause for concern, skin tags, pigmented spots, enlarged skin glands and moles can be aesthetically bothersome. Particularly as we age, it is not uncommon for small growths and lesions to appear on our bodies and faces. That’s why Dr. Kuzel provides both medical and aesthetic skin lesion removal treatments.

Moles and skin lesions can be treated by laser, radiofrequency ablation and surgical excision, to name a few. Dr. Kuzel’s approach to removal depends on his assessment of the nature of the skin lesion.

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“Dr. Kuzel is thoughtful, knowledgeable and cares deeply about his patients. He found two squamous cell carcinomas on my mom’s leg that others had misdiagnosed as warts and treated with liquid nitrogen for years. Dr. Kuzel biopsied them, diagnosed the cancers then expertly removed them surgically.” Rate MD Review

“(Dr. Kuzel) found a large melanoma in Situ on the top of my scalp that was dismissed as a benign ‘Seb K’ for two years by several different doctors. He diagnosed it and got me in immediately with an amazing young plastic surgeon who removed it for me… Dr Kuzel literally saved my life!” Rate MD Review

“Dr Kuzel performs skin checks on me on a yearly basis. Twice, he has picked up on relatively nondescript moles, one that a previous dermatologist told me was totally fine. It turned out both were early-stage melanomas, which were potentially fatal if they had been missed. I trust Dr. Kuzel with my life.” Rate MD Review

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Dr. Kuzel treats the following conditions using Botox®:

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Chronic migraines

For patients suffering from chronic migraines lasting four hours or more for at least 15 days a month, Botox® injections in the head and neck can effectively block neurotransmitters that carry pain signals from the brain, reducing headache pain and decreasing migraine symptoms. Results are typically seen within 2-3 weeks after treatment and can last up to three months.

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Botox® can also relieve hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive sweating in various parts of the body. It does so by blocking nerve signals that activate overactive sweat glands. Patients typically need treatment every 4-6 months to maintain relief.